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For terms and condition in English, please contact our call center at 1242.

Terms and Conditions of Promotion Prepaid SIM "True ID SIM"

this promotion is for subscribers of TrueMove H mobile phone numbers ("Users") of True Move H Universal Communication Company Limited ("the Company ") Pre-paid service form (Pre-Paid) in the name of an individual From January 15, 2022 to March 31, 2022 or until there is a change from the Company

         Privileges for users when activating a new TrueMove H mobile phone number from this promotion.
          1.1 Get 30 days of free use immediately from the date of number activation. And customers can continue to receive rights 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 in the following month. Just top up accumulated 50 baht every month (valid for 12 months)
          1.1.1 Free internet, unlimited amount for using the TrueID app 24 hours a day
          1.1.2 Play free WiFi 24 hours a day
          1.2 Get the right to view free TrueID Plus packages through the TrueID application. TrueID TV Box and TrueID web for a period of 30 days from the date of opening the number 1.3 The service fees in the promotional campaign are as follows (excluding VAT)
         1.3.1 Calls to all networks 1.5 satang per second (1 baht for the first minute), which is calculated as an average call rate per minute of 0.93 baht.
         1.3.2 Sending short messages (SMS) will be charged 3 baht per message.
         1.3.3 Sending multimedia messages (MMS) service fee 3 baht per time
         1.3.4 Internet 1.5 baht per megabyte, actual calculated in kilobytes.
         1.3.5 Wi-Fi at a maximum speed of 200 Mbps. Charged at the rate of 1 baht per minute, a fraction of a minute is counted as one minute.
         such service fee For calls to mobile numbers or a landline phone used or registered within the country as well as any other additional services as specified only This does not include calls to special numbers. Using international long-distance phone service International cross border service and the use of special messaging services and other additional services
         The user must pay an additional fee. and any service fees other than those specified in Clause 2 of the terms and conditions of the "SIM TrueID" promotion program at the actual normal rate (if any).
         This promotion Top-up value of 10, 20, 50, 90, 150 and 300 baht will receive 30 days of validity, 500 baht will receive 50 days of validity and 1,000 baht will receive 100 days of validity. Can accumulate up to 365 days max.
        Conditions for using Wi-Fi by TrueMove H
          (a.) The subscriber has a Wi-Fi continuation package. Can connect automatically via the network .@ TrueMove H, users have Wi-Fi daily packages. or hourly Able to connect via .@ TRUEWIFI network (if there is no Wi-Fi package charged at 1 baht per minute)
          (b.) During the service of Wi-Fi by TrueMove H, the service provider is obliged to disconnect the Internet connection (session time out) every 90 minutes to monitor and record the traffic. After cutting this usage, if you want to continue using The user must turn off and re-enable the signal connection.
          (c.) In the event that a Wi-Fi by TrueMove H user forgets to log out or does not use the service for more than 10 minutes in a row, the system will automatically log out.
          (d.) Concurrent in a Wi-Fi connection, only 1 user can use the internet or Wi-Fi at a time.
          (e.) You can check the Wi-Fi service area by TrueMove H at www.truewifi.net. The company can adjust the Wi-Fi service area by TrueMove H as appropriate.
         Any rights stated in this promotion cannot be redeemed, refunded or exchanged for cash. or any other item Including not transferable to any other person or juristic person
         The Company has the right to manage network administration as appropriate in order to maintain service quality standards and to help users as a whole to use them effectively, e.g. Limit or reduce the speed or take any action on any kind of traffic, Bit Torrent usage, downloading and/or uploading large files, or any other continuous high traffic traffic or where Affects the use of the service or is unfair, causing or may cause damage to other users and / or to the network or the overall service of the company. However, the speed reduction may be lower than specified. in the package according to the nature of use Service area and supported devices
         If the service user does any of the following actions, the company has the right to cancel the service under the contract immediately.
         8.1 Violation of the prohibition in the contract: If the user violates the objectives of the contract shall be regarded as a violation of the prohibition in the contract "Purpose of the contract", the user must
        (a.) use the service under this promotion only for personal communication with good faith in accordance with the method of using the service as usual by ordinary people not for benefit or anything else that may be taken advantage of and will not use the service for commercial use or continue to provide the service.
        (b.) service users must not use Do not use the service, do not modify or do anything. in any technology or system or anything else to connect or in connection with the use of such services including not acting in a manner or foreseeable or believed to cause immorality or damage or causing unfairness to the company or any other person, both in the


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Contact the merchant to register the SIM. 

Line ID : @krokphra-t 

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