Terms and conditions of use

1. Customers only need to register to be able to purchase items and earn points to collect prizes.
2 Customers have to make a purchase by paying only so they can earn points.
Some items can not be accumulated.
4 Orders Orders will be pending payment for 24 hours. After that, the order will be canceled and your order will be canceled. The stock is the same. Customers must make a new purchase order if they exceed the time set.
5 In case the customer buys a product and selects a bank transfer payment, the transfer slip should be kept as evidence. In every transfer.
6. The shop must pay for goods before the point can be.
7 Refunds will be deducted by the number.
8 Refunds can be refunded within 3 days after receiving the goods. Return the product to the normal return.
If the item is returned to the shop, we will refund the money within 3 business days by transferring money into account only.
Money to be reimbursed will be deducted according to the condition of the goods acquired. The shop will consider the refund of the goods alone.
9 Assurance of the product will be detailed in the list of products that customers understand before making a purchase order.
10 ways to reserve Fixing credit and insurance without prior notice to customers.
11 members recommended Customers need to introduce new members. To buy products with the store, 5 people, each of them must filter the email. At the end You are entitled to a discount. All items are 3%
12 If your product is damaged outside the warranty, you can send the product to repair the shop by clearly identifying the symptoms.
13 products Goods must meet the conditions only. Some products cause wrinkles due to use. Can not change the exchange. The store is repaired to repair it.
14 Products must be in good condition.
15 Warranty will only cover the manufacturing defects.