1. Electronic Transaction Law, 2001
       This law Essence will certify the legal status of electronic data. Just like making a paper or paper receipt, sending and receiving electronic information, and using as evidence.
       2. Law on Computer Crime Act BE 2550
       Identify the action through or by the computer in the offense. This is aimed at computer systems. Information of the computer or person for damage.
       Direct Sale and Direct Marketing Act BE 2545
       To allow online merchants who are "direct marketing" to register their business with the Office of Consumer Protection before trading.
       4. Consumer Protection Law
       "Advertising" must not use unfair messages to consumers or use messages that may harm the public. No matter what the origin, quality or appearance of the goods or services. As well as the delivery, procurement or use of goods or services;
       5. Commercial Registration Law
       Ministry of Commerce To allow commercial operators to trade goods or services online. The hosting of the host computer (Web Hosting) and service is the central market for electronic commerce. (e-Marketplace) must be registered commercial.
       6. Copyright Law, 1994
       Give benefits to intellectual property owners. And to prevent the copyright infringement of both the sale, distribution, distribution, profit, damage to the copyright owner.
       7. Law on Prices of Goods and Services, 1999.
       Price. To be in the price level. To be fair trade competition. No price Big bully small And arbitrary pricing.
       8. Legal notice of printing
       According to the print edition of 2007, the print media operator must print. This includes Online book seller or e-book provider, but not the vendor or online bookstore that is not the manufacturer.
       9. Food and Drug Administration
       Sales of food and drug products either self-made or imported must be under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
       10. Business Travel and Tour Guide Law, 2008
       Online business tour operators and guides. Travel and tour operators must apply for permission to travel to the Tourism Department